June 26, 2014

DOM Insertion Test

While I worked on some task that includes inserting of many HTML elements into the document I was wandering what the fastest method is. I tried (basically) three methods:

The fastest method is the last and the slowest is the first method. But sometimes is better use safe DOM approach so in this cases is the best using of the second method.

Some advices

  1. Make HTML you are inserting as simple as is possible - each attribute counts!
  2. If you create many elements and want event handlers attached to them don`t do it for each one element but attach one event handler to the parent element and then inside the handler self determine what the target element is.
  3. Insert large amount of new elements in portions not in once. The advantage is that user always see that something is happening, the disadvantage is that it is little slower than do it at once.

Below is jsFiddle with the testing document (http://jsfiddle.net/ondrejd/kLw52/):

June 24, 2014

IDE hidden in Firefox nightly

Today I read interesting article on the Mozilla Hacks blog about new WebIDE and I have to say that on my low-cost netbook is this the first IDE targeted on mobile system that actually works and is usable on slower machines (including emulator of course).
Below is a screencast which I borrowed from the original article:

I must say that while Firefox maybe have not market-share as some time ago but still it is the perfect solution for the professionals.

June 23, 2014

TagsSidebar - new UI proposals

Currently I'm working on next version of TagsSidebar - besides I'm trying Mozilla Add-on SDK I also created new layout for the main view - here are the screenshots:

Default view

No details and no favicons

No details but with favicons

Full details but no favicons

Hopefully, you will like them :)

PS: While now I'm dealing with Add-on SDK I want to create blog post where I will compare add-on development using SDK and the old-school way - so stay tuned.

June 11, 2014

TagsSidebar 1.0

I just finished (and published on AMO) my new add-on TagsSidebar. It extends Mozilla Firefox with sidebar that allows easy and quick browsing your bookmarks by selecting tags that have attached.

Here are some important links:

And here goes few screenshots:

June 8, 2014

Creating sidebar add-on for the Firefox with Australis UI

I'm creating simple add-on for Mozilla Firefox and even I did such add-ons before I run into the troubles. It's because of new Firefox UI called Australis and because I want this add-on to be bootstrapped (so it doesn't require browser restart to complete the installation).
After a short googling I found CustomizableUI.jsm and I finally got the working solution.
So here is my bootstrap.js which adds the sidebar:

/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

const XUL_NS = "http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul";
const { classes: CC, interfaces: CI, utils: CU } = Components;
const self = {
    id: "tagssidebar@ondrejd.info",
    name: "TagsSidebar",
    path: {
        chrome: "chrome://tagssidebar/"
const prefPrefix = "extensions." + self.id + ".";


var gStylesSrv;
var gStylesURI;

// Bootstrap API: install(aData, aReason)
function install(aData, aReason) {
    if (aReason == ADDON_INSTALL) {
        // Set default preferences
        let prefs = Services.prefs.getBranch(prefPrefix);
        prefs.setBoolPref("showInSidebar", true);
        prefs.setBoolPref("showTagCloud", false);
        prefs.setBoolPref("showFavicons", false);
} // end install(aData, aReason)

// Bootstrap API: uninstall(aData, aReason)
function uninstall(aData, aReason) {
    if (aReason == ADDON_UNINSTALL) {
        // Remove default preferences
} // end uninstall(aData, aReason)

// Bootstrap API: startup(aData, aReason)
function startup(aData, aReason) {
    // Create new toolbar button
        id: "tagssidebar-toolbarbutton",
        defaultArea: CustomizableUI.AREA_NAVBAR,
        label: "TagsSidebar",
        tooltiptext: "Toggle visibility of TagsSidebar.",
        type: "button", 
        onBeforeCreated: function(aDocument) {
            // We need to add more UI than the toolbarbutton (broadcaster, key and menuitem):
            // Broadcaster
            let bcset = aDocument.getElementById("mainBroadcasterSet");
            if (bcset) {
                let bc = aDocument.createElementNS(XUL_NS, "broadcaster");
                bc.setAttribute("autoCheck", "false");
                bc.setAttribute("group", "sidebar");
                bc.setAttribute("id", "viewSidebar_tagssidebar");
                bc.setAttribute("oncommand", "toggleSidebar('viewSidebar_tagssidebar');");
                bc.setAttribute("sidebarurl", "chrome://tagssidebar/content/sidebar.xul");
                bc.setAttribute("sidebartitle", "TagsSidebar");
                bc.setAttribute("type", "checkbox");
            // Key
            let keyset = aDocument.getElementById("mainKeyset");
            if (keyset) {
                let key = aDocument.createElementNS(XUL_NS, "key");
                key.setAttribute("command", "viewSidebar_tagssidebar");
                key.setAttribute("id", "key_openSidebar_tagssidebar");
                key.setAttribute("key", "t");
                key.setAttribute("modifiers", "accel,shift");
            // Menuitem
            let mp = aDocument.getElementById("viewSidebarMenu");
            if (mp) {
                let mi = aDocument.createElementNS(XUL_NS, "menuitem");
                mi.setAttribute("key", "key_openSidebar_tagssidebar");
                mi.setAttribute("label", "TagsSidebar");
                mi.setAttribute("observes", "viewSidebar_tagssidebar");
                mi.setAttribute("tooltiptext", "Toggle visibility of TagsSidebar!");
        onCreated: function(aNode) {
            // Add ID of broadcaster we created before as a command:
            aNode.setAttribute("command", "viewSidebar_tagssidebar");
            return aNode;

    // Load stylesheet
    gStylesSrv = CC["@mozilla.org/content/style-sheet-service;1"].getService(CI.nsIStyleSheetService);
    gStylesURI = Services.io.newURI(self.path.chrome + "skin/overlay.css", null, null);
    gStylesSrv.loadAndRegisterSheet(gStylesURI, gStylesSrv.USER_SHEET); 
} // end startup(aData, aReason)

// Bootstrap API: shutdown(aData, aReason)
function shutdown(aData, aReason) {
    if (aReason == APP_SHUTDOWN) return;

    // Destroy our widget

    // Unload stylesheet
    if (gStylesSrv.sheetRegistered(gStylesURI, gStylesSrv.USER_SHEET)) {
        gStylesSrv.unregisterSheet(gStylesURI, gStylesSrv.USER_SHEET);
} // end shutdown(aData, aReason)

May 27, 2014

24 Free programming books

Today I found interesting post on LinuxLinks.com - you can find here links to twenty four free books each for different programming languages:

May 20, 2014

Nice Bash find-and-replace script

It's some time when I read the post Scripting a 'Find-and-Replace' for big text files by Bob Mesibov. Yesterday I finally got some time to look at it and use it as a learning material. I must frankly admit that I would have real troubles to write something like this in Bash - usually I'm using PHP in such cases.
Because in the original post is only the image not the source of script self I saved it into one my repository so you can easily use it - fandr.sh.

April 16, 2014

WordPress: Anonymous PHP functions

Recently I wrote about my problem with WordPress editor and now I realize that I wanted to write also about something different - using anonymous functions in WordPress development - it's amazing how using of them can simplify your code (if you forget older PHP versions).

Compare these examples:

// Sets WordPress admin bar hidden.
// Old:
add_filter('show_admin_bar', '__return_false');
// New:
add_filter('show_admin_bar', function() { return false; });

// Activate widgets
// Old:
     create_function('', 'return register_widget("Your_Widget_Class");')
// New:
add_action('widgets_init', function() {

And of course that this can be used everywhere you're using function such add_action, add_filter etc.

April 15, 2014

WordPress: Custom font family in TinyMCE editor

I tried to add custom font family to the WordPress editor but it turns to the little battle - firstly I just do what is described in the WordPress Codex:

function your_theme_editor_styles() {
add_action('init', 'your_theme_editor_styles');

@font-face {
    font-family: CharisSILBold;
    src: url(../fonts/CharisSIL-Bold.woff);

body#tinymce.wp-editor { 
    font-family: CharisSILBold; 
    font-size: 14pt;

But it doesn't work (of course). Then I look into the default theme and found the solution (code in functions.php is the same as before so here only editor-style.css):

@font-face {
    font-family: CharisSILBold;
    src: url(../fonts/CharisSIL-Bold.woff);

html .mceContentBody { 
    font-family: CharisSILBold;
    font-size: 14pt;

It sucks that small things take so much time (but of course it's my fault).

Tested on WP 3.8.*.

April 11, 2014

Firefox OS 2.0 Screenshots

Today I found screenshots of design proposals for Firefox OS 2.0. I must say that I like it a lot - especially the calendar screen:

I think the time to throw all iPhones etc. will be here soon :) . You can see more screenshots here (original post by Sören Hentzschel).

March 10, 2014

Mozilla Brick - UI Components for Modern Web Apps

I just discovered Mozilla Brick - a bundle of reusable UI components for rapid development of cross-browser and mobile-friendly HTML5 applications. What is interesting is made using X-Tag which JavaScript library that provide the same as old and powerful XBL.
Hopefully I will get opportunity to try it on same real project soon.

March 9, 2014

Microsoft .NET Applications in OpenShift

Some time ago I wrote about OpenShift - open cloud platform. Today I read a nice article on ZDnet about support for .NET applications ... on more reason for using OpenShift!
Get more informations here: http://www.zdnet.com/red-hat-brings-microsoft-net-apps-to-its-openshift-cloud-7000027019/

February 22, 2014

Time tracking utility - doTimeTracker CLI 0.2

Today I made visible my BitBucket repository with odTimeTracker CLI. It's a Linux command line utility for tracking time that you spent working on various tasks. Is written in Vala and is a part of bigger solution for dealing with common office tasks for the freelancers as am I. I will explain this a little bit more very soon.

There are some screenshots:

More screenshots can be found in this web album.

February 20, 2014

Simple Carousel

I was working on one web when I needed simple carousel - I have simple requirements:
  • based on jQuery (since I'm using it on that site)
  • really, really small footprint
  • allow multiple carousels on one page
I spent some time with searching but I found nothing what I like so I made mine. The code is really simple and works just fine - you can see for yourself on jsFiddle.

If you want you can download it:

January 30, 2014

OpenShift from RedHat

I don't know if you are aware of OpenShift from RedHat - but if you don't try it. It is really good place for trying technologies or developing new projects. For free you get three slots for applications that you can use various technologies such as:
As you can see it offers really lot and for free - I don't know better service for freelance developers.